Kernersville Classes

1474 Kerner Road

Kernersville, NC 27284

Preschool Ballet, Tap and Tumble

Tuesdays and Thursdays

5:15 - 6:00 PM

3-5 Years Old

Students will learn the fundamentals of dance through creative and exciting lessons. This class lays the groundwork for future dance study by introducing basic skills and concepts. 

Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes. Teaching aids such as hoola-hoops, bean bags, mats, balance beams, etc will be used to help dancers have a fun and memorable time!

Dance class attire: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, leotard, tights, and dance bag

Kindergarten - 1st Grade Ballet, Tap and Tumble + Intro to Jazz

Tuesdays and Thursdays

6:00 - 6:45 PM

5-7 Years Old

This is a 45 minute class that meets once a week. A continuation of skills in both ballet and tap are taught. Tumbling and basic introduction to jazz are incorporated into the curriculum. Routines in ballet and tap become more complex for the spring recital as their skills progress. The students continue to master and fine-tune their basics.

Teaching aids such as mats, balance beams, bean bags, hoola-hoops, etc. will be used for this level as well.

Dance class attire: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, leotard, tights, and dance bag

2nd - 5th Grade Ballet, Jazz and Tap


6:45 - 7:45 PM

7-10 Years Old

This is a once a week, 1 hour class including ballet, jazz, and tap. Continuation of skills in ballet and tap are taught as well as basic beginning skills in jazz. Students continue to take a more mature and disciplined attitude toward their dance. With the additional time in this class, dancers will continue to expand their knowledge. This is a faster moving class with emphasis on progressing skills and confidence!

Like all classes popular, CLEAN music will be used during class.

Dance Class attire: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, leotard, tights and dance bag

1st - 5th Grade Jazz and Hip Hop


6:45 - 7:30 PM

6-11 Years Old

This class is a great alternative for dancers who might like a fun and lively dance class! This is a fun and active class focusing on body coordination and control to upbeat music.

Popular, clean music is always used as well as tasteful movement.

Jazz technique and progression is also taught.

Class length is 45 minutes and meets once a week.

Dance Class Attire: jazz shoes, leotard, leggings/shorts/or tights

6th Grade and Up Jazz and Hip Hop


6:45 - 7:30 PM

11-18 Years Old

In this class we teach jazz technique along with popular hip-hop moves. It also gives the dancer knowledge in coordination, physical strength and promotes self-confidence. Choreography is challenging, but most importantly FUN! A great way to exercise while learning proper jazz technique and gaining flexibility.

This class is 45 minutes long and meets once a week.

Dance class attire: jazz shoes, leotard, tights/leggings/or shorts

Adult Ladies Dance Fitness


7:30 - 8:15 PM


7:00 - 7:45 PM

18+ Years Old

Everyone is welcome! No prior dance experience is required! Dancers will learn a variety of genres including (but not limited to) ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, cardio, pilates, yoga, and contemporary. Focusing on fitness while learning something new every week!

A class schedule is posted each month and you simply sign-up for the dates you want to attend. Just $5.00 per class.

Again, it's a judgement free and fun environment! All body types, ability levels, and ages are welcome!

Dance class attire: clothes you can easily move in, shoes, and a great attitude!

**Tap shoes are not required for tap class, but recommended!